Adaptive HLS JW Player 6

HTML 5 Video Tag Embed

This is embedded as a HTML5 video tag, the same way we currently supply our single bit rate HLS offering

JW Player 6 Embed

This player is embedded using JW Player 6’s new HLS support. The player will supply the browser with a HLS feed. If the browser supports HLS natively (Safari in Mac OSX 10.7+) then a HTML5 version of the JW Player 6 is provided. If that is not supported (all other desktop browsers) then the HLS is provided within a Flash player.

JW Player 6 Flash Primary Mode Embed

This player is set up like the player above, but it has its Primary Mode set to Flash. This means that the player will try and provide a Flash player before it tries to provide a HTML5 player. This would mean that if a machine has Flash but also supports HLS (e.g. Safari OSX 10.7+) it will provide a Flash player first, and if flash is not detected it will then try HTML5. This may also be the case for Android devices that have Flash installed.