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Welcome to 3xScreen Media

Three Screen produces and distributes live video crafted with originality and flair for online, mobile and television audiences – to achieve spectacular results for our clients.


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Live Clipping

Satellite Downlink & Streaming


360 degree and virtual reality live streams create immersive live experiences that the viewer controls, significantly increasing viewer engagement and extending opportunities for event awareness building. However, few 360 degree and virtual reality live streams can support massive audiences and mobile viewers.

By leveraging our extensive live production and streaming expertise, 3xScreen creates 360 degree and Virtual Reality live streams which optimise the audience experience, address the nuances of the new art form and are suitable for major brands and are not subject to audience size and viewer device limitations.


As the market leaders in innovative live video, we have had the privilege of being involved in some incredible projects for many amazing end clients – sometimes working directly and sometimes working through some of the brightest and best agencies, production companies and competitors.


Whatever the teaming, 3xScreen’s focus is always to respectfully help our clients, and our client’s clients, stand out from the crowd. Our latest showreel highlights some recent projects we have been honoured to play a role in.


Increasingly, our clients leverage the distribution of short, near-live clips on social media to complement live coverage on television, to drive viewers to live streams or as a stand-alone alternative to traditional online live coverage.

3xScreen’s tried and tested workflow of sending live feeds to our Master Control Room where we then publish to as many platforms as desired means we can live clip events even when there is no on-site internet connectivity and can easily integrate live clipping with other live distributions.


Facebook Live, Periscope and Meerkat enable a new level of audience engagement to make live broadcasts more real, relevant and enriching for viewers.

3xScreen marries professional production with the new live social channels so broadcasters can create personal broadcasts which are of far superior quality and can integrate quality camerawork, multi-camera and even multi-location live production if they so desire.


“At Home” production is becoming massive in the US where sports and other productions are increasingly created by sending live feeds from each camera back to a central at-home base, typically over fibre, where the multi-camera production is produced – hugely saving on outside broadcast travel, rigging and other costs.


Leveraging our all-IP workflow, 3xScreen utilises at-home production techniques to create innovative multi-camera live productions from live cameras that can be literally anywhere.


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