What Makes Us Tick

What We Do

Three Screen produces and distributes live video crafted with originality and flair for online, mobile and television audiences – to achieve spectacular results for our clients. 

What Makes Us Special

We integrate the best available technology with our own custom developments and code to create innovative solutions for the production, management, distribution and monetisation of live video. The scale of our investment in our workflow and crews set us apart from our competitors. We are also differentiated by our commitment to four key values which are hardwired in our DNA and which we live and breath every day.


  • A driving passion to innovate and constantly evolve every day – so as to improve what we offer and how we operate

  • Contributing to the success of our clients and being easy to work with is at the centre of everything we do 

  • A commitment to cooperation as a means of creating something bigger and better together – working with our clients, partners and competitors

  • A dedication to processes and knowledge sharing as paths for high performance and continuous improvement

Some Examples of Our Recent Projects

As the market leaders in innovative live video, we have had the privilege of being involved in some incredible projects for amazing end clients – sometimes working directly and sometimes working through some of the brightest and best agencies, production companies and competitors.

Whatever the teaming, 3xScreen’s focus is always to respectfully help our clients, and our client’s clients, stand out from the crowd. Our latest showreel highlights some recent projects we have been honoured to play a role in.

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3xScreen Showreel