3xScreen adds KA-SAT broadband satellite connectivity

3xScreen adds KA-SAT broadband satellite connectivity

With the addition of KA-SAT broadband satellite we can now broadcast live from rural locations where there is no 3G mobile coverage.

3xScreen’s HD Livepack service shrinks a satellite truck in to a backpack to uplink live HD broadcasts from anywhere with Satellite truck reliability but with backpack convenience and cost.

In our normal live production workflow, 3xScreen’s HD Livepacks bond together up to 7 mobile broadband circuits along with available WiFi and Ethernet links to transport a HD (or SD) SDI video connection to the 3xScreen studio where additional live broadcast effects such as tickers, overlays and transitions can be added and the final HD production live streamed to internet audiences.

To boost connectivity in rural areas throughout Europe, 3xScreen has added KA-SAT connectivity to our HD Livepack service – so we really can now literally broadcast live from anywhere.

3G + KA-SAT brings increased redundancy and throughput to our service. Where there is limited 3G coverage, we add a single KA-SAT portable terminal that provides an additional 6Gbps uplink bandwidth. Where there is absolutely no 3G coverage, we add two redundant KA-SAT terminals, each providing up to 6Gbps uplink throughput.

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