3xScreen Implements Bi-Directional BT Tower HD Connection

3xScreen Implements Bi-Directional BT Tower HD Connection

To some, it’s the building that after 252 years, finally stole the crown of London’s tallest building from St. Paul’s Cathedral.

To us here at 3xScreen media, it’s a doorway into an infinitely larger world of broadcast possibilities.

We are of course referring to the BT Tower in Central London and more specifically, the BT Tower connection we’ve recently installed in our offices here in Clerkenwell.

Infinitely expanding our broadcasting capabilities, the bi-directional HD BT Tower link is complimentary to our existing satellite downlink capacity. With the current demand for our event live uplink, streaming and production services keeping us all on our toes, we felt that the installation of the BT Tower line was a necessary step towards not only meeting, but exceeding all of our growing customers demands.

Armed with our expanded connectivity, we can now send and receive up to HD quality streams through BT Tower, downlink feeds from any satellite in the world and live stream it live to the platform of our client’s choice as well as receive LiveU feeds and forward them to broadcasters around the world.