3xScreen Selects Elemental Encoders for Live Streaming

3xScreen Selects Elemental Encoders for Live Streaming

Although the Elemental Encoder is Green Lantern green, this powerful encoding device continues to prove worth its weight in gold, in particular (and appropriately so) during the broadcast of the 2012 London Olympics.

In another move towards acquiring the most useful and innovative technology, 3xScreen Media has recently got its hands on the video encoding equipment. Elemental have clearly impressed people who matter with their Olympic coverage clients including Terra in Latin America, the Canadian Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium and Eurosport for continental Europe. Its partnership with the BBC alone saw the Elemental System facilitate the delivery of BBC’s live streaming of over 2,500 hours of Olympic coverage to over a billion viewers.

Elemental Technologies describe the Elemental Encoder as “a video processing system that provides professional content producers and distributors with video and audio encoding for live streaming to new media platforms.”

The Encoder uses modern parallel encoding technologies to transfer data faster and more efficiently. “Since 3xScreen Media added the Elemental Encoder to our live production workflow, we’ve been up to date in our ability to provide the highest quality, most comprehensive coverage of the events that we live stream,” says 3xScreen Founder and Director Scott Robinson. “With Elemental we can stream multiple formats at the same time.”

The provision of fast video processing systems like the Elemental Encoder is becoming increasingly important as tens of thousands of Britons are connecting their televisions to the Internet and more and more video content is being consumed via tablets and Smartphones. By 2016 it is estimated that three-quarters of UK mobile devices will be Smartphones – meaning that Internet access through various mobile devices will be the rule rather than the exception.