3xScreen Showcase for James Grant


The above are some videos to follow up our meeting of 23rd January:


  • Valentine Warner’s Scandinavian Supper is a Google Hangout we produced with Electric Robin – who are a video production company we work with regularly. The recording here has been downloaded from YouTube – and isn’t the greatest quality. That is partly the process of downloading it, partly a limitation of the Google Hangout solution and partly the available bandwidth of the location where we conducted the Hangout. The original YouTube recording is here. If we are doing a Hangout, we need really good bandwidth on location – we can’t use our backpacks to compensate for a lack of venue bandwidth.


  • The Stylist 24-hour Challenge is a live stream we produced with Cherry Duck – who is another video production company we work with regularly. We did all the live production and offered viewers a choice of four live streams for a period of 24 hours, including a live stream from the office dog and from a car that the Stylist food writers took on a 24-hour road trip. More details of the production are here.


  • The Magic Flute Q&A is a broadcast we produced and live streamed to digital cinemas across the US following the US cinema release of The Magic Flute last year. Viewers tweeted their questions from their cinema seats which Branagh answered from his home theatre. More details here.


  • From Britain With Love was another live webcast to digital cinemas across the US. We had the Director of the movie participate in the panel via Skype – and the production was done in a production space which was a similar size to the one you have at the James Grant offices. Please excuse the earpieces, that is something we fixed subsequent to the webcast. More details here.


  • For last year’s Pride of Britain Awards we produced and live streamed a Red Carpet program as guests arrived for the Daily Mirror. Additional details here.


  • We produced and live streamed this month’s European Skateboard Awards for VANS with a crew of six with one cameraman operating six o the seven cameras used.


  • The BBC Scotland classical music production was also done with robotic cameras with two operators managing three cameras each.


  • The Russian Standard Vodka production was done with Electric Robin for Getty.


  • The England Women’s Football clip is an example of our sports OB production. We do all the live production and streaming for the Football Association when the rights haven’t been sold to TV networks – and live stream some events that are also distributed on TV – for example, we live stream the FA Cup draws.