Create & Craft Live OBs

3xScreen brings the magic of live TV from the studio to OBs at live craft fairs across the UK for the Ideal Home Shopping Channel

The Ideal Home Shopping Channel wanted to bring the magic of their live television programs to live craft fairs around the UK. To bring their studio format programs to life in an OB environment, they decided to call on 3xScreen Media to provide a solution that would integrate with their traditional television broadcast workflow.

3xScreen provided an end-to-end technical solution for Crafting Live with a core crew that would integrate with and complement the Ideal Home Shopping Crew.

For events in Doncaster, Esher and Belfast, we designed and built a mobile pop-up gallery to enable a television quality production. Starting with a Newtek Tricaster 8000 AE and extending to cameras, lighting, audio, talkback through to transmission, we provided a complete solution for the creation of up to eight live one-hour shows each day to be sent to their studio in Peterborough. We utilised a bonded mobile uplink solution to send our primary program feed plus two redundant feeds to the 3xScreen MCR in London. From there we have a line to BT Tower where we made the feed available for the Ideal Home Shopping Channel’s studio in Peterborough to pull and broadcast as it normally would.

A key requirement was reliable production talkback that integrates onsite communications channels with the client’s studio in Peterborough, enabling the onsite on screen talent to hear the director and producer while the director and producer could also communicate with their camera operators and the team at base on different channels.