England Women’s Production Highlights

3xScreen regularly live produces and live streams international matches for Engage Sports Media and FATV.


On Sunday 7 April 2013, 3xScreen produced and live streamed England Women’s Vs. Canada from New York Stadium, Rotherham United FC for Engage with a football director and commentators provided by Engage.



3xScreen’s production consisted of four Sony PMW-500 cameras, each with Canon J-22 lens. Camera 1 and 2 were positioned on the gantry. Camera 3 was a high-behind. Camera 4 was a low-behind, repositioned at half-time so that it was behind the end of the pitch England was attacking. Pre and post-match roving cameras were included in the production along with fixed cameras looking at the commentators and the benches.


Animated graphics included score and clock, substitutions and team sheets.


Instant slow-mo replays and half and full-time highlights were included in the production – as was the generation of an international sound match VNR for BBC and other media outlets and the creation and uploading of a 2-minute highlights clip for the The FA’s YouTube channel.


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