From Britain With Love Webcast

From Britain With Love Webcast

On Saturday 25th June we broadcast live to digital cinemas across America from 3xScreen’s London studio.

From Britain With Love is a partnership between the Film Society of the Lincoln Centre, UK Film Council, Emerging Pictures, Creative Screen Associates and BAFTA New York to promote UK indie films in the USA.

The FBWL “In Conversation” live webcasts are discussions with the film director, writer, producer and actors that take place after a film screening at digital cinemas across the USA. In Conversation partners include BAFTA & BBC America.

Saturday’s live In Conversation webcast was for the film Third Star. 3xScreen’s Video Call Streaming solution was used to Skype Third Star Director Hattie Dalton in from Byron Bay, Australia so she could participate in a panel discussion with Screenwriter/Producer Vaughan Sivell, actor Tom Burke who plays Davy in the film and moderator Wendy Mitchell, Head of News at Screen International, all of whom were in front of a green screen at 3xScreen’s West London studios. The Q&A was broadcast live to cinemas directly after audiences saw the film. Audiences asked questions via the BritFilm hashtag on Twitter.

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