3xScreen Leverages LiveU for Stylist Ford Fiesta Challenge

3xScreen Media teamed up with London-based production company Cherryduck to live stream the Stylist/ Ford Fiesta 24-Hour challenge. Our innovative use of LiveU technology, outlined in the below press release from LiveU, was published on InBroadcast and 4rfv.co.uk.

LiveU has revealed that London-based 3xScreen Media has deployed the company’s technology to create live, multi-stream coverage of the Stylist Ford Fiesta 24-Hour Challenge.

The Challenge was to capture and live stream the creation of an issue of Stylist Magazine over a single 24 hour period, rather than the usual week.

Stylist hired production company Cherryduck, whose team then turned to long-term LiveU customer 3xScreen Media to deliver a tailored live production and streaming solution.

Scott Robinson, 3xScreen Media Managing Director, said: “Instead of just achieving the seamless delivery of a single, 24-hour continuous live stream, we delivered three simultaneous live streams over the 24-hour period. In addition to the unbroken coverage of the Stylist editorial team’s office, we set up live camera feeds in a Ford Fiesta to document their road trip to the Cotswolds and on the back of the office dog for the fun doggie-cam. Office dog McNulty – a bona-fide movie star and Twitter legend – had as much fun as we did!”

The solution saw 3xScreen and Cherryduck employ roaming wireless cameras including a steadycam, robotic cameras, GoPros, and for the first time in a 3xScreen live stream, two iPhone 5Ss with the LU-Smart App. The Ford Fiesta was equipped with a LiveU LU40-S for cellular transmission as two staff from Stylist magazine hit the road, providing regular live crosses during the event. Three overall feeds were sent live via three LiveU LU70 backpack units to the Stylist website via 3xScreen’s central London MCR.

The technology was supplied by LiveU’s UK distributor Garland Partners Ltd., alongside a full service package. Ronen Artman, LiveU’s VP Marketing, said: “3xScreen Media has been a long-term LiveU customer and has always pushed the boundaries; this challenge was clearly no exception. We are very pleased to see the advantages of our solutions-based approach being taken advantage of – where production companies and broadcasters can select the best cellular bonding product format for the output they want to achieve. In this case, a whole range of technologies has been deployed to create a truly modern and original production for today’s streaming-savvy audiences.”