Master Control Unit gives Full Automation of TriCaster

Master Control Unit gives Full Automation of TriCaster

Here at 3xScreen Media we are always trying to keep abreast of the latest ways to streamline our workflow with innovative use of technology – both new and existing. It was with this philosophy in mind that we decided to go down the route of full automation of out NewTek TriCaster 855 with a Master Control Unit.

Master Control is a modular tablet system which, when integrated with the NewTek Tricaster 855, provides more efficient control and improves production quality while simplifying the process with its single touch technology.

The addition of Master Control has contributed greatly to 3xScreen Media’s workflow, most recently being used during the weekly broadcast of the National Lottery draw. 3xScreen’s Online Video Producer James Pielow says that Master Control cuts out 70 per cent of the work. “With things like the lottery draw, after the initial set up, it’s much easier to use Master Control in live broadcasts – it simplifies the whole process.”

With Master Control, it is possible to collaborate and control with multiple Master Control units and there is enhanced macro and parameter editing as well as map design tools among other features. So, with the clever utilization of one device, we’ve simplified our workflow while reducing production costs – while getting to play with another gadget…

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