Multi-Language Player Solution Created

Multi-Language Player Solution Created


Faced with the challenge of live streaming the 2013 Dell Women’s Conference from Turkey with both English and Turkish language options, 3xScreen broadcast engineer James Peilow came up with an inventive solution by creating his own multi-language player.

A remarkable example of how the team of live streaming experts at 3xScreen Media are leading the pack with their innovative approach to providing solutions for clients, the concept behind the language player is deceptively straightforward.

In simple terms, the multi-language stream was achieved by using the JW Player Javascript API to expand 3xScreen’s live player to include custom player buttons that are linked to two different live video streams. When the first button is clicked, the player loads up the first language stream and when the second button is clicked the second language stream loads in the player.

“The way the streaming works is we send a video with two languages from the event – for example English commentary on the left channel and Turkish commentary on the right channel,” says Peilow, “we then split the audio so that each language is separated and stream separate streams, and the language is selected at a player level.”

In addition to the two different language audio options, this process allows the generation of different language pre-stream content such as videos, graphics, tickers and lower thirds.

In addressing this specific challenge with a sophisticated, yet simple solution, 3xScreen Media has added a new element to their workflow with a multi-language player which will no doubt be in use again soon enough.