Pinewood Studios using 3xScreen TriCaster set up

Working for Initial Endemol, 3xScreen Media played an integral role in establishing the TriCaster workflow at Pinewood Studios. The press release was sent out and published on PR Web and Broadcast Media Online as well as the NewTek website.

SAN ANTONIO, USA – April 7, 2013 – Pinewood Studios has purchased a NewTek TriCaster 855 liveproduction solution to streamline the production of three weekly prize draw results programmes for The UKNational Lottery’s YouTube channel and social media sites.

“We needed a streamlined, efficient and, above all, reliable process for delivering our online results shows, as we only have one chance to get it right,” said Max Tilney, Channel Editor, Digital Content, Camelot UK Lotteries Limited. “We also wanted a solution that was portable and easy to set up and break down. We looked at many products on the market but TriCaster was the clear choice.”

The Initial Endemol production team uses TriCaster to produce the EuroMillions results on Tuesdays, the Lotto and Thunderball results on Wednesdays, and the EuroMillions and Thunderball results on Fridays. For the studio-based Lotto and Thunderball shows, five Panasonic HE60 remote head cameras are pre-set to capture wide shots and close-ups of the lottery machines, and the numbered balls as they are drawn. These locked off feeds are sent to the TriCaster. A PC-based graphics system linked to the ball machines and the TriCaster automatically produces a graphic for each ball and triggers the correct voice-over to announce which ball has been drawn. An operator vision mixes the camera feeds and graphics, and then creates a second pass to add additional sound bites before preparing the file for export and upload to YouTube. The results show is uploaded approximately an hour after the draw.

The EuroMillions draws come from a satellite feed from Paris. The clean feed goes directly into Pinewood’s TriCaster at full frame and the system concurrently applies a crop to remove the Paris show’s graphics, saving time for the editor who can then easily apply local graphics and voice-overs before exporting.

Paul Darbyshire, Broadcast Director, Pinewood Studios, said, “The TriCaster does exactly what we employed it to do, quickly and simply – the production team is very happy with it as it has enabled them to automate a large part of the process and minimise turnaround times. Its flexibility and portability have also provided the potential to use it for future programming outside the studio environment for multi-camera events.”

Press Release also published on PR Web and Broadcast Tech.