Avengers Assemble Mural Live Stream

To celebrate the launch of the highly anticipated release of Avengers Assemble a media first live art mural was created in London. Over the course of four days the live art was created in Old Street with twitter followers voting on which character they wanted to see painted next. This was accompanied by a live video stream on Livestream which showed the mural being created in real time.

More than a million minutes of viewing time was recorded via a Livestream, with 806 votes cast via Twitter generating more than 2.2 million impacts. More than 50,000 additional video views and 1,600 likes were also generated.

Client: feref – for Disney Pictures
Video production: feref
3xScreen’s Brief: Live stream feref’s video coverage of the mural’s creation on Livestream.com.


3xScreen used a HD Livepack to send a live feed from the mural back to the 3xScreen studio where broadcast graphics were added by one of our Newtek Tricasters and the program output was encoded and streamed on Livestream.com.


A Newtek Livetext machine was used to scroll messages to live stream viewers as a ticker at the bottom of the video. We configured the ticker so that feref could post updates on a Tumblr site and those tumblr updates would be automatically translated in to scrolling ticker text. Each day we recorded the creation of the mural on a Tricaster and then replayed the day’s activities over-night.


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