Bloodhound SSC Test Firing for Cisco

The Bloodhound Supersonic Car Project (BLOODHOUND SSC) seeks to break the land speed record with a jet engined car designed to reach the astonishing speed of 1,000 mph.

Cisco is Bloodhound’s official Networking and Video Partner and Cisco BHTV has been created to tell the story of the adventure, taking people behind the scenes as the project progresses.

On 3 October 2012, 3xScreen live streamed the first test firing of the Bloodhound SSC rocket for Cisco, working alongside Cisco’s production partner Starlight Productions.

Since the test firing was held inside a hardened shelter near Newquay airport, Cornwall, 3xScreen used a combination of 3G and KA-Sat connectivity in conjunction with our HD Livepack service to accomplish the live stream.

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