Red Carpet at the Annual Pride of Britain Awards

Two live links from the red carpet of the Pride of Britain Awards allows the Mirror Online to give its audience a chance to rub shoulders with the celebs.

The Mirror Online wanted their readers to be able to watch the glitz and glam of the red carpet arrivals at the Pride of Britain awards from their website for the first time. So, 3xScreen Media headed down to Grosvenor House to film and live stream the event.

In the midst of the red carpet media scrum with the paparazzi fighing for the best position was not the ideal location for filming but anticipating these conditions, we came well prepared. At each end of the the red carpet, we had our cameramen ready to shoot the celebs. Each armed with their Sony EA50, we had one mounted at the end of a jib which allowed us to stand out from the crowd in more ways than one. Not only did our work flow eclipse all the others with our slick, professional set up, but the footage we shot was unique with the jib capturing sweeping high angle shots of the red carpet – a godsend when our camera guy on the ground is being shoved around in the bullpen.

With two LiveU LU70s on site – one for each camera – we sent the feed directly to our MCR where our director was mixing the vision on our Tricaster 855, adding name straps and other graphics – all with a very difficult to manage 30 second delay which we implemented at the clients request.