Royal Wedding Live Streaming Stats

Royal Wedding Live Streaming Stats

Big Willy and Waity Katie’s Royal Rumble (sincerest apologies to all you monarchists out there) wasn’t just a big day for the newly weds.

The royal wedding was also huge for live streaming, despite it being a public holiday in the UK, before working hours in North America and after working hours in Australasia – which meant that viewers had the option to tune in their TVs rather than watch the live stream from their desk at work.

The following is a consolidation of royal wedding live streaming stats from a variety of sources:
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  • According to network monitor Sandvine, global internet video on the day of the wedding was up 26% compared to the Friday average – despite overall internet traffic being 10%, the -10% stat presumably being as a result of people who would normally be surfing the net instead tuning in to the wedding on TV
  • YouTube’s four hours of live coverage, which was derived from the BBC coverage, served 72 million live streams in 188 countries and 29 million on-demand streams
  • Akamai delivered in excess of 1.6 million live streams for their various clients who carried live coverage of the event
  • Live coverage on Livestream from the AP Live, ET Insider, Press Association and CBS News Livestream channels served 300,000+ concurrent viewers. Livestream expected more than 2 million unique viewers for the wedding
  • ITN, the UK television network, served 3.5 million streams on their website and Facebook page, topping out at 110,000 concurrent viewers