Multicam live production and live stream to YouTube brings Scootfest to fans worldwide.

After the success of the inaugural event last year, the Scooting World Championships again called on 3xScreen Media to film and live stream the competition, held this year in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

As the venue only had minimal internet connectivity, the 3xScreen crew arrived onsite with an the initial task of establishing a solid internet connection. The primary solution was our reliable LiveU 3G/ 4G mobile uplink unit with our backup being a Tooway satellite dish on the roof of the venue.

After establishing connectivity, the next step was rigging the cameras. A combination of Sony EX3s and the latest generation of GoPro Hero3+s were positioned to capture every angle of scooting action. The camera feeds were sent to our Tricaster 860 via military grade fibre optic cables – chosen as a light-weight solution for long cable runs. The production incorporated animated graphics and VTs as well as live replays, which were integrated into the production with a Tricaster 3Play 425.

This program output was sent in full HD to the 3xScreen MCR in London where it was then published to be viewed live on the Scootfest official YouTube channel by thousands of Scooting enthusiasts around the globe.