YouTube Live Streaming

Stream live to your YouTube Channel Audience


3xScreen regularly live streams events on YouTube for our clients. The expertise and experience we have gained in YouTube live streaming uniquely positions us to enable brands to successfully broadcast live on YouTube. We can:

  • assist you to get your YouTube channel live stream enabled
  • downlink your live event content from satellite, encode it and publish it to YouTube’s streaming servers
  • utilise our HD Livepack service to encode and stream your live event to your YouTube channel, literally from anywhere, without the need for a satellite uplink nor venue internet connection
  • turn-key live produce your event in addition to the live streaming of it


YouTube Live Streaming Case Study



Summer in the City (SitC) is an annual weekend-long YouTube gathering in Central London that offers YouTubers worldwide to enjoy a semi-casual weekend with some of their favourite vloggers, musicians and friends.


3xScreen produced and live streamed the event on YouTube for ChannelFlip. 3xScreen’s production included coverage of the mainstage performances and live coverage from various backstage rooms.


3xScreen utilised a HD Livepack to provide live roving camera backstage coverage to our Tricaster production switch where we mixed live coverage from our other manned and fixed cameras along with broadcast graphics and pre-recorded clips.


A live feed from the event venue was sent via a second HD Livepack to our Clerkenwell studio where we encoded and live streamed to YouTube.