Skype Streaming

Skype Streaming

Leo Laporte’s Skypeasaurus was created to integrate non-studio guests in to Leo’s popular portfolio of Twit TV programs.

We’ve updated Leo’s Skypeasaurus set-up so it uses an all-SDI/HDMI, digital audio workflow to create our video call streaming solution.

3xScreen’s Video Call Streaming service professionally integrates remote presenters via Skype and other video calling solutions in to a Network TV-quality HD live streaming production.

We have worked through the details to ensure a quality production: [bullet_list icon=”play”]

  • By leveraging Skype, remote presenters contribute using a service they are already familiar with – which means there is zero need to teach your old dogs new tricks
  • The program video and mix-minus audio is fed to Skype video call connected presenters so they always know what is being broadcast
  • Skype video call connected presenters also hear the 3xScreen Producer/Engineer overlaid on their mix-minus return feed so as to assist presentation coordination
  • The video/audio feeds from each presenter are managed as separate Skype calls so presenters can be added or reconnected at any time throughout the presentation without impacting other presenters
  • After Skype calls to each presenter are set up, presenters can privately coordinate what they will present whilst stream viewers watch an opening slate or other pre-event material
  • Presenters can be shown in full screen or as a branded mosaic with broadcast quality switcher effects, graphics and titles
  • Video clips, PowerPoint slides, images and websites can all be integrated in to the produced Video Call stream
  • Presentations can be recorded and replayed so viewers who miss the live presentation can view it in replay
  • Presentations can be integrated in to your own website or a specially-created branded site can be provided with an appropriate URL, visual identity and viewer registration system
  • Just the same as for 3xScreen’s HD Live Streaming service, presentations can be watched on iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices in addition to PCs.