Streaming to iPhones and iPads

Streaming to iPhones and iPads

We have proven that seamless publishing of video to mobile devices increases audiences 20-30%.

Nielsen recently reported that mobile video viewing in the US increased 41% last year – read on nielsen wire. According to the report, the heaviest users of mobile video are teens ages 12-17 who watch more than 7 hours of mobile video a month.

3xScreen’s own experience is that integrating streaming to iPhones and iPads increases event live streaming audiences by 25-30%, particularly for after-hours events where our stats the majority of iPhone and iPad viewers connect to the stream over their home broadband or WiFi.

3xScreen seamlessly integrates mobile video through:[bulleted_list style=”bullet”]

  • Auto-sensing the viewer’s device type, redirecting iPhones and iPads to a HTTP live stream of the event
  • Configuring the bitrate and aspects of the HTTP live stream so that it can reliably stream over 3G connections
  • When streaming in Flash, including a suitable low-bitrate/aspect Flash stream for Android phone users (Flash is supported on Android from Android 2.2 onwards.)


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