Thirty-Two Concurrent Live Streams for Boiler Room

3xScreen helped Boiler Room send eight live feeds from locations across Edinburgh, publishing a total of 32 streams for Ballentine’s Stay True Scotland.

As their most ambitious broadcast at the time, Boiler Room required a comprehensive solution from 3xScreen to help them with 32 consecutive live streams.

Though ambitious, the brief was simple. Live stream four simultaneous events around Edinburgh for Boiler Room and Ballantine’s Stay True Scotland event. This is where the simplicity ended, however.

The challenges that first arose from this were in the form of connectivity. Deep inside Edinburgh’s old stone buildings around Cowgate, the quality of mobile coverage was patchy at best. The area being hilly meant that line of sight for our KA satellite dishes was also not straightforward. Having tailored specific bandwidth solutions for each of the four venues, it was then a matter of getting the video feeds from the venue back to the 3xScreen MCR. We used a combination of LiveU and Dejero bonded mobile uplink devices and live streaming licences on machines to make this happen.

The next challenge required a tonne of encoders, a hell of a lot of organisation and some true MCR magic. There were two program mixes from each venue, equating to eight feeds to the MCR. Each of these feeds was to have two streams – one with branded graphics and one without – and each of these branded and non-branded streams were to be broadcast on two platforms – YouTube and DailyMotion. That comes to a phenomenal 32 live streams that would then play on loop for the 72-hours after the event.