Vans Spring Classic

3xScreen provided full OB production and live streaming services to Vans for their Spring Classic Skate Competition in Riccione, Italy.

Goodbye Naples and hello Riccione! This spring saw Vans Spring Classic move to Italy’s north east cost, for their biggest Spring Classic yet!

The first element of our Internet based production workflow was the provision of high-speed event Wi-Fi. Using our KA satellite dishes, we were able to provide independent networks for the event organisers and the live stream.

With our network in place, we then moved on to the production rig. The seven HD camera live production included wireless links over Teredek Beam and a jib-mounted camera – enabling our cameramen to wirelessly shoot dynamic up-close footage of the riders.
The OB van was fully equipped with the Newtek suite of production kit including a Tricaster 860, 3Play 425 and Livetext machine; the live action replays and live animated graphics adding the extra layer of production value. The production of the actual skate competition included live commentary and live crosses to the onsite webcast hosts who conducted interviews with the riders.

Using our standard OB live streaming mobile uplink workflow to send the feed over both primary and backup links to the 3xScreen MCR, we were able to publish the stream to multiple client platforms where it was watched by hundreds of thousands of live viewers and many more subsequent on demand viewers.