2014 Bright European Skateboard Awards



3xScreen Media’s long time client, BESA sponsor Vans, called on our event live production and streaming services for the 2014 Bright European Skateboard Awards.


The main challenges presented by this job were related to the limited space the venue offered for camera crew, with the expected crowd inevitably proving too much of a hazard for a traditional tripod, camera and cameraman set up. 3xScreen Media’s full robotic camera production was a simple and efficient solution that also reduced kit and crew requirements.


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Client: Vans/ BESA

Brief: To provide a multi camera production and live stream of the 3rd annual BESA Awards at the House of Vans Berlin.

Team: 1 x vision mixer/ director, 1 x streaming engineer, 1 x graphics operator, 1 x robotic camera operator, 1 x replay operator, 1 x twitter moderator,


Having worked with the Vans family on many jobs in the past, they were confident that we would be able to provide the perfect solution for this brief.

Using a combination of three Sony BRC H700s and three Panasonic AW-HE50s mounted strategically around the venue, our robotic camera operator was able to capture the night’s activities from every angle.

With our director/ vision mixer providing transitions and graphics from a TriCaster 860 and VTs being played out by an operator on a 3Play 425, the crew delivered the slick and seamless production that Vans have come to expect from 3xScreen Media. In addition, we provided automated graphics via LiveText and an on-screen moderated Twitter feed throughout the awards, giving those watching from home the ability to interact in real time.



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