G-Finity – Europe’s largest TriCaster Production

In Europe’s largest TriCaster production, 3xScreen Media pulled out all the stops for the inaugural Gfinity London. Over 2.5 million gaming enthusiasts tuned in to watch the four simultaneous live streams.

Read all about how we pulled it off here.

Client: Gfinity

To provide a multi-camera, four stream production of the Gfinity event. Taking feeds from both cameras and from competitors’ monitors.

3XScreen provided operators for five TriCasters: two TriCaster 855s, two TriCaster 850s and a TriCaster 8000.

To provide footage for four simultaneous live streams, each 850 and 855 was producing its own individual stream and the 8000 was recording and supplying a feed to a monitor.

A feed was taken from each competitors computer monitor and was mixed with the vision taken from our robotic cameras, EX3s and GoPros mounted around the venue.

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