Streaming the arrival of the Royal Baby with the Press Association

Along with the rest of the world’s media, 3xScreen got carried away in the excitement of the arrival of the Royal Baby.

Our live streaming engineers were onsite with LiveU LU70s to facilitate the live stream for two clients, the Press Association and Italy’s Mediaset.

The enormous popularity of the coverage was expected but the volume of web traffic was truly unanticipated. 3xScreen Media’s Press Association live stream alone attracted over 5.5 million views as the public hunted for the first live video of the royal baby.

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Client: Mediaset and the Press Association.


Brief: To facilitate multiple live crosses for both media outlets to their respective publish points. Mediaset’s live crosses were going direct to Italian television. The Press Association required us to send a continuous live stream to their player which was embedded on various websites including the Mirror Online


3xScreen provided two separate HD Live packs for each client. The live stream being sent by Mediaset’s LU70 was going direct to their MCR in Italy.
The Press Association feed was sent to 3xScreen Media’s MCR in central London where it was encoded and pushed to the PA publish points.


Both live streams were infallible in their deliveries – one continuous and the other a series of live crosses – meaning audiences at each end didn’t miss a beat.



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